Nedbank and Hohm Energy Partner in Residential Solar Finance

  • Power cuts have been a constant frustration in many South African homes – not to mention its crippling effect on many micro and small businesses.
  • Apart from the inconvenience, the financial impact is harder to overcome. 
  • Renewable energy continues to be the most recommended solution for the electricity crisis – and the retail industry has embraced it. 

Considering all these factors, Nedbank and Hohm Energy have partnered to offer homeowners financed energy solutions, to help save money and lessen the impact of power cuts as much as possible.

Hohm Energy, has an array of reputable solar-energy system providers; they guarantee efficient and sustainable solar energy solutions. With the expertise of both companies, we can help you finance these solar energy solutions, while you save money on electricity bills.

The offer is exclusive to homeowners who have a home-loan with Nedbank. Having access to lumpsum amounts through a Nedbank home-loan, is one way to finance your transition to using solar energy. To facilitate this, Nedbank offers NedRevolve and ReAdvance.

NedRevolve is a Nedbank facility, like an access bond that you can link to your Nedbank transactional account easily, and it enables you to access some exciting benefits. It also allows you to add lumpsum repayments to your Nedbank home loan or increase your monthly debit order amount. These ‘additional’ payments are yours to access in a lumpsum, should you ever need it.

Nedbank’s ReAdvance allows you to withdraw money in a lumpsum from parts of your home loan debt that you have already paid, subject to a credit application and approval.

Holm Energy can match you with a reputable solar-system installer in your area to ensure seamless installation of your solar system and also provide annual maintenance.

Author: Bryan Groenendaal


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