Jocolino Makes Showering Child’s Play

  • The element of water magically attracts children.
  • When playing, little ones often have the wildest fantasies, and yet when it comes to daily cleaning and showering at home, there are usually discussions or even tears, especially when shampooing.
  • With Jocolino children’s shower, showering is an adventure for kids where you also get to save water and energy at the same time.

To make bath time one of the most exciting moments of the day, hansgrohe has worked with experts to develop the Jocolino children’s shower. It succeeds the first hansgrohe children’s shower Joco from 1995. The cute, colorful shower head, which fits perfectly in children’s hands thanks to its narrow handle, comes in three different animal designs. With the children’s shower head, the little ones can learn to shower on their own in a playful way. Parents can be worry-free thanks to the high-quality materials and workmanship. No fights and no tantrums – with the different jet types, Jocolino is completely attuned to the needs of the child. In this way the bath becomes an unforgettable experience.

Shower Fun for the Entire Family with hansgrohe! Image credit: hansgrohe

More Creativity and Fun – Let Jocolino Take you on a Shower Safari

It’s getting wild in the bathroom – with the black and white zebra, the beige lion or the green crocodile, toddlers imagine themselves on a safari in a faraway savannah while playing and bathing. The different animal designs and cute googly eyes give Jocolino the character of a toy, thus automatically stimulating the creativity and imagination of the little ones. Thanks to its minimalistic design, Jocolino is visually restrained and blends unobtrusively into the bathroom design.

The children’s shower has two different spray types, which can be adjusted by turning the handle. A gentle MonoRain was designed for washing out shampoo and soap. The targeted jet prevents cleaning products from getting into the child’s eyes during rinsing. The soft Rain is used for daily cleaning and provides a pleasant showering experience for the entire body. Thanks to the isolated water flow, the shower’s narrow handle does not heat up, even with warm water temperatures.

The high-quality workmanship, CE-certified quality and easy installation also make the children’s shower a parental favourite. Image credit: hansgrohe

“As a company with a strong family focus, we always think about users and their immediate environment in all our product developments, from children’s showers to smart home technology or the hansgrohe DogShower. We want to make daily experiences with water as pleasant and sustainable as possible for every part of the family,” says Katrin Roming, Product Manager Showers, Hansgrohe SE.

The children’s shower features the QuickClean technology, which removes limescale residue from the nozzles when the spray modes are changed. The new edition of the children’s shower can be easily screwed onto all standard shower hoses. Alternatively, there is the possibility to install a quick-coupling set-in order to change the shower head with one click. The loving design, the functional jet types and the simple installation make the child-safe shower head the ideal bathing companion.

Author: Bryan Groenendaal

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